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Become a Freelance Website Designer and Earn Big!

... 2 deals weekly could earn you $104,000 ...

Ready to Launch Your Freelancer Biz?

There's a lot of potential for you as a freelance web designer ...

You get to set your own your schedule, and you can pretty much work anywhere there's an Internet connection.

This is a very lucrative opportunity to get into. More and more small biz owners need websites and they're desperately seeking out folks who know how to build sites that actually sell their products and services.

Most small business owners are hiring web designers that don't know how to build websites that get them more customers, or make the business more money.

And it's frustrating these biz owners because they simply want results ... And they don't mind paying a hefty premium for results.

If you could learn this skill, you could make a fantastic living as a freelance web designer.

This is what I specialize in ... Most folks come to me after they realize the mistake they've made in hiring rookies who focus solely on super pretty website designs, versus websites that convert and bring in customers.

I'd love to teach you the ropes to building a lucrative freelance biz for yourself.

I've sold millions of dollars worth of website services using the simple model I've outlined in the video.

I've put together a more detailed training course that walks you through the entire process for building your own freelance business from scratch.

Here's what you'll learn and discover in my training...

  • My #1 source for finding talented web designers (and how to train them)
  • How to negotiate web designer salary – while getting 1-2 weeks worth of work from them before paying them a dime (this will allow you to get more steady work in without having money tied up in salaries)
  • Template Ad: Get the ad I used to get web designers begging to work 40 hours per week for just $100 – $125 per week (you can get a lot of website work done with 40 hours)
  • How to position yourself as an authority to get all the website work you want
  • Lead generation tools and templates I use to get ‘found’ on the Internet
  • Access to the #1 tool I used to close over $500,000.00 worth of website business without ever talking to anyone (you can use this as a guide to make your own website business generating machine)
  • My #2 lead generation tool that brought in qualified prospects eager to hire me – your competitors won’t even be doing this!
  • My #3 lead generation tool that can have prospects signing up for your service in as little as 24-hours!
  • How to find and bring in an project manager to handle all of this for you after you get a little experience under your belt … and how to hire one without breaking the bank! Your project manager can deal directly with your clients and the web designer … and the only person you’ll ever communicate with is your project manager. This frees you up to work on other stuff … like getting more website jobs.
  • You’ll also get the template I used to find a qualified project manager
  • How to get your new website clients to spend a few thousand dollars with you over the course of the year … it’s cheaper to get your existing clients to spend more money with you versus trying to find new clients. I reveal my strategies to getting them to spend BIG!
  • Access to my tips for success
  • My contract to use as a template — to keep yourself from getting ripped-off.

We've covered all of this in the video you watched ... But in my training, I've created separate modules for you to follow along to build up your business from scratch. We're going step by step and you'll have a fully functional freelance web design business 2-3 weeks from now.

You'll also walk away with your own website that you'll build by following along and watching me build one from scratch ... By the time you build your first website out using the software I'm using, you can opt to build future websites for your clients yourself, or simply stick with the freelancer hiring model.

By following along while creating your own website, you'll learn the methodology behind how I build out websites for clients that sale ... This is your crash-course in learning how to build websites that will make your clients money ... Most established web designers know how to design beautiful websites, but they lack the ability to build websites that actually get their clients telephone ringing.

You'll be steps ahead of so-called established web designers because you'll have the skill that business owners seek ... Designers who understand marketing.

This is an opportunity for you to start a real biz from home that can easily generate you a 6-figure annual income … Websites can make you wealthy and you can do this business from anywhere in the world!

Sign-up today for just $1,495.00 $795 (this is a limited time only sale ... It won't last long at all). One deal pays for this and puts a profit in your pocket almost immediately.

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