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The Secret Formula to Traveling & Living Abroad at Will

After our 6-month stint living abroad in Medellin, Colombia, I get asked a lot about how we did it.

For most, living internationally is an appealing concept and idea. We talked about doing it ourselves for nearly 15 years, but never took it seriously until we made a decision to finally do it.

While living there, I got slammed with requests from people inquiring about a variety of topics, like…

  • How do you determine which country to live in?
  • What is the healthcare like?
  • How do you support yourself?
  • How much money do you need to have to live comfortably?

In the video below, I won’t answer these questions directly, I’ll do that in another post… But, in this video, I will reveal the one thing you must do today, if it’s your desire to travel and live anywhere you want in the world!

As corny as this may sound, this is your secret formula to getting whatever you want out of life. AND I got proof … If there are any doubts, prove me wrong with your comments below (and I’d like to hear about successes too).

(Excuse the quality: This was shot while we were in Colombia)

Leave your comment and suggestions for how you planned your journey abroad!

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