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Cast Iron Cooking Your Way to Insane Profits and Income:

You haven’t experienced the taste of good food unless it was made with cast iron cookware. The crust from a slice of homemade blueberry cobbler was the best I’ve ever tasted. No other cobble compared.

That was my first experience with cast iron cookware.

My mother used to fry some of the best tasting fried fish with her set; and my grandmother made some amazing cornbread. If you’ve never experienced food made with cast-iron cookware, you need to try it.

I purchased my first cast-iron skillet some years ago and was excited to mimic some of the dishes my mom used to make.

Little did I know about the maintenance required to keep these cast-iron cookware up. I screwed up the first skillet I bought because I didn’t know anything about curing them.

It got all rusted up and because I didn’t know any better, I tossed it in the trash and bought another one.

But hey … this post isn’t about how to cook amazing food with cast iron cookware. This post is about how you can earn a full time living with your knowledge of cast iron cookware.

I was in the bookstore browsing the magazine rack when I came across the following ‘GRIT Country Skills Series’ magazine below about Cast-Iron Cooking:

Cast Iron Cooking Grit Magazine

As I went through the magazine, I was surprised with all of the unique ‘how to’ information about maintaining and cooking with your cast iron skillet.

They taught you

  • what the best oils are to season your cast iron
  • how to find second-hand cast-iron
  • how to make the best fried chicken in a cast-iron skillet (you ain’t ever had a good piece of fried chicken if you never tasted one made from a cast-iron skillet)
  • 25+ ways to use cast iron
  • etc…

If someone took the time to actually create an online course on the topic of cast-iron cookware, I believe it could easily turn into a 6 or 7-figure course.

People want to learn how to do this type of stuff. And whenever there are magazines on a singular topic like this, it typically means there’s a pretty large audience of people who want to know and learn more about it.

Otherwise, the magazine publishers wouldn’t post these on the newsstands regularly. I’m starting to see a guide to ‘cast-iron’ cooking at least each month I go to the bookstore.

If you’ve been cooking and using cast-iron cookware for many years, that qualifies you as an expert. I’d encourage you to consider crafting and putting together an online course on this topic.

I believe this is a topic that can get to a point where you host yearly workshops where folks from all over the world will pay to come spend 3-5 days with you to learn and share their experiences with cast-iron cookware.

If you’d like to learn how to package up your talents, knowledge, hobbies and skills into an online course that pays you over and over again, sign-up for my free webinar by clicking here.

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