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Building Systems in Your Business Must Become a Priority

Attention entrepreneurs: Are you deep in the trenches working in your business, or are you building SYSTEMS?

Building systems for your business is what gives you the freedom to live, travel, spend unlimited time with family and friends. It allows you to do the stuff you love and the stuff that matters to you.

The longer you wait, the harder you will work, and the harder it’ll be to get yourself out.

You’ll never be able to grow if the business is unable to scale.

You’ll always be a mom and pop, and that’s fine if that’s what you want to be. But if you wish to SCALE UP and grow, you must build systems.

Here’s an excerpt from Sam Carpenter’s book, Work the System:

I say this without hyperbole: Work the System is one of the most useful business books you’ll ever read. I should know—I read business books for a living, and teach creative people from all over the world how to build businesses that are profitable, enjoyable, and sustainable.

Here are the top three questions I’m asked every single day:

1. “Starting a business seems so complicated. Where do I begin?”

2. “I’m working a lot, but not making much money. How can I improve my profitability?”

3. “I’m constantly stressed and anxious. How can I run my business without going crazy?”

The answer to these questions is always the same: learn how to work the system.

Fundamentally, every business is a system: a collection of processes that, together, reliably produces an intended result. The more you focus on improving your business systems, the better results you’ll produce. It’s as simple as that.

When most people hear the word “system,” however, their eyes glaze over. Most of us are trained to think that standard operating procedures, checklists, documentation, and the like are boring and bureaucratic.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s what happens when you begin improving your systems:

• You make more money, but do less work.
• You have more focus and energy to do your best work.
• You make far fewer errors and mistakes.
• You fix the mistakes you make quickly and permanently.
• You feel more calm, collected, and under control.

Solid business systems are largely a product of calm, rational, straightforward thinking. It’s a skill that can be learned quickly, and a method that can be applied to improve every aspect of your life.

I use the ideas in Work the System every day when building my own business, and I’ve recommended this book to my readers and clients since the publication of the first edition.

I’m glad this book has found its way into your hands. Work the System will help you make better decisions, get more done, and have more fun along the way.

—Josh Kaufman, author of The Personal MBA

Grab this book so you can start implementing ‘Systems’ into your business today. It’s free on his Work the System website.

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