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Odds are Stacked Against You for Your New Year’s Resolutions!

According to an article I saw on, these are the top 10 commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve added my commentary to each of these:

1. Lose Weight and Get Fit: January is probably the worst time to join the gym. It’s overcrowded. It’s too darn cold to leave your nice warm house to go. And they typically charge more for personal trainers because they can (because everybody and their momma is joining … no need to give you any types of incentives), and now you’re locked into a 1-year contract and as Time indicates, you’re likely to break this resolution anyways. Join the gym when it’s cheaper (any time of the year other than January), and when it’s warmer.

2. Quit Smoking: You just got through putting yourself into an immense amount of Christmas debt. You’re probably even more stressed now trying to figure out how you’re going to pay off that debt. Probably wanna work on this PRIOR to Christmas or a few months after.

3. Eat Healthier and Diet: Again. You just put yourself into debt from the Christmas extravaganza. Folks are likely to be depressed and snacking throughout the day. Plus, a lot of the good fruits and veggies you enjoy are out of season. I tried to get some fresh spinach, cucumbers and swiss chard from a local farmer and he told me it was out of season.

4. Learn Something New: You shouldn’t be waiting till January to learn something new. You should do that immediately when the idea came to mind. Don’t wait. Do it while you’re full of enthusiasm. Wanna learn how to blog and profit it from, read my blog post titled: How to Blog for Fun, Profit and Lifestyle Freedom.

5. Get Out of Debt & Save Money: Too late! The best thing to do is get a part-time job for a few months to pay off that stuff you just bought (if that applies to you, lol). If you’re serious about this one, then back it up (or start a biz).

6. Spend More Time w/ Family: This is one that should be done throughout the year. Don’t wait till January. Start now. You gotta put that family time on a calendar. If you don’t, it won’t happen. This has to be intentional. I’ll tell you a story around this one some day soon.

7. Travel to New Places: If this is on your list, at least identify the places you want to go. I did a blog post titled, “The #1 Secret to Traveling and Living Abroad at Will“.

8. Be Less Stressed: I’m just starting to learn about meditation. So far, seems to be working quite well. Might wanna look into it. Plus, I had to get some things out of my life. Yep, it required making tough decisions, but I’m certainly a lot better because of it. You know what needs to be removed to get rid of the stress. DECIDE. Don’t wait forever like I did. It takes a toll on your health.

9. Volunteer: I admit. I can probably do a lot more of this. I have no comment for this one, lol.

10. Drink Less: If this is one of your resolutions, then I suspect you won’t be ‘drinking’ in the New Years’ tonight will ya???

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