Google dropped $77,711.61 into my bank account!

Partner with Google for your own monthly payday!

While looking over my income sources, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Google dropped $77,711.61 into my bank account (take a look at the proof below --- the following is a screen shot of my bank account).


The following is from my other bank account, Georgia Internet Marketing Center: 

Ad Revenue

For those of you who don't know, I've been making my living, and supporting my family of 7, exclusively from income earned from the Internet over the last 15 years.

What you don't know is the 'how'.

One of the ways is through a revenue sharing program by Google. As you create content on your website, blog, or through videos on YouTube, Google will show ads that are related to the content you're creating.

Depending on how many people view and/or click the ads, Google will share a portion of that money with you.

Businesses who buy advertisements through Google ( or YouTube) want eyeballs and visitors coming to their website. These advertisers pay Google a bunch of money and if any of those visitors come from your website, blog or YouTube videos, Google will pay you.

To date, I've earned $77,711.61, and this is with me playing around with it. I've personally met folks who rake in six-figures per month doing this.

This revenue sharing program through Google is NOT my primary business model. However, I do earn a nice chunk of money from it each month from very little effort on my part.

While we were living in Medellin, Colombia (in South America), most of my living expenses were covered with the monthly deposits Google made into my checking account (see pic below).

Celebrating Holidays in Colombia

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Medellin, Colombia with Other Expats and Local Colombians!

Would an Extra $500 ... $900 ... $1,500 Per Month Change Your Life?

This extra money certainly makes life much easier ... I really look forward to these monthly deposits from Google. You could use this extra money to do whatever you like!

  • go on vacations twice yearly
  • start a new home business
  • pay for childcare
  • invest towards retirement
  • pay down mortgage
  • enjoy weekly dining out
  • travel abroad for fun
  • build-up your savings
  • payoff existing loans

How Does it Work?

Google has a program called Google AdSense. This program allows individuals to display ads on their own websites or blogs, from Google’s network of advertisers. These advertisers pay Google a fee – and then Google shares the revenue with you if you’re willing to show these ads on your website.

The program is free to join, and when you join, Google assigns you a special piece of code that you place on your website or blog to show these ads.

When the code is added to your blog/website, it’ll automatically display an ad that’s related to the content on that particular page.

For example, if your content is about skateboards, then ‘skateboard’ related ads would appear on that particular page. If your content is about natural hair, then natural hair type ads will show up in that space on your site or blog.

You earn one of two ways… You get paid based on how many people click the ads on your website. Or, you get paid based on the number of ‘impressions’ your ads receive. An impression is a fancy way of saying, ‘the number of people who see your ads’, or the number of page-views shown on the page with the ads.

On one of my websites where I teach people how to start their own t-shirt business, and on a variety of pages on my website, I’ve placed ‘my special Google code’ on the pages (see below)

Google Ads

As you can see, those two ads are related to the content on my website. This all happens automatically with the code Google provides. If someone clicks the ads, I get paid. If a lot of people comes on these pages and sees the ads, and don’t click, I still get paid. Google has their own formula that determines how much we get paid, whether it’s by ‘click’ or ‘impression’. No one really knows how the formula calculates the fees we’re paid, but some niches get paid much more than others…

How to Get Started

My approach to starting is much different and simpler than most. Other people would suggest you start up a website or blog and just write on a variety of topics – with no real focus.

I’d suggest you blog about a specific topic you’re passionate about. That passion could stem from a hobby, a new skill you picked up, or even something you have a strong interest in.

I recently met a lady who enjoys talking about ‘raw diets’ and making ‘smoothies and juices’. That’s all she talks about. She shares her favorite recipes, makes videos showing you how to mix it all up, and she shares pictures on her Facebook and InstaGram. Everything is about eating raw and drinking smoothies and juices. She earns a HUGE income from Google AdSense and she’s makes money from an eBook she created. She’s earning 6-figures a year doing this.

This is why I recommend sharing and talking about something you have a passion for. It’s much easier to do the work when you’re enthusiastic about the topic.

And let’s be real about this… there will be times where you’ll feel like giving up and quitting. There will be days you don’t feel like blogging or making videos – but if you’re passionate about the topic, it makes the work easier …

To get started, you’re going to need to setup a blog. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with blogs, let me break it down for you.

A blog is like having your own personal diary or journal. You can write or post videos about anything you wish to discuss. It can consist of your own opinions, ideas, frustrations, political views – or whatever….

If you want to talk about your dog or family life, you can… If you want to talk about your love life, or share tips on how to pick up girls, you can.

Perhaps you want to share marital advice, or relationship tips – you can do this all on a blog.

Unlike a diary, which is typically personal and private and hidden. A blog is an online version of all of these thoughts and ideas.

You share – and people can chime in and post their ideas and opinions to the content or posts you added to your online journal.

So essentially, a blog is your own personal website that’s updated on an ongoing basis by you.

For example, my website, is my blog… It’s a collection of posts, ideas, tips, suggestions and strategies I share for helping people to start their own t-shirt business.

I then place ads all over my blog – and Google will typically present ads on my blog that’s related to the t-shirt printing business.

If someone clicks on it – I get paid… They’ll also pay me a fee based on the number of people who come and view the content on my pages – and if they’re viewing my pages, it’s understood they’d likely ‘see’ the ads and I’ll get paid based on the number of views (or impression) the ads receive.

Here are a few links to some popular blogs:

As you can see, you can pretty much talk about anything, build up a huge following and get paid!

Oh… I almost forgot. You can get paid with the videos you create by partnering up with YouTube (you do know Google owns YouTube, right?).

Well, do you recall those ads that appear on YouTube videos (little banners, or the mini commercials that appear before the video starts?)… Well, if you have videos on YouTube, you can get paid when those ads show up or get clicked on when people watch videos you created and uploaded… (see screenshot below)

YouTube Ads

The more views your videos receive, the more money you earn… Take a look at the screenshot of one of my first videos – if you’ll notice, it’s nothing fancy, just me sitting behind a desk teaching magic…

It’s got over 3.6 million views:

Video Ads

Getting Setup with Google Adsense

So to get started, you’ll need to get setup with Google AdSense… But first, you must have your website/blog already setup because Google will need to come by your website to do a review. You won't get approved without it.

You can see all the details at their website:

Once they review your website and approve it, you’ll be notified, at which time you can login to grab the code to embed on your blog.

Google Adsense has some pretty specific rules and guidelines you must adhere too… Such as some of the following:

  1. Don’t click on your own Google Ads (this will get you banned)
  2. Don’t ask anyone to click on your Google Ads (can get you banned)
  3. Beware of how your website is promoted.
  4. Don’t tamper with the AdSense code
  5. Respect Google trademarks.
  6. And a few other important rules…

Do this right and you can collect BIG checks for many years to come.

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