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The One Digital Asset You Must Own Today – No Exceptions!

Domain Ext

A salesman once told me the sweetest sounding word in the world is your own name. I could agree with that … Who doesn’t like to hear their own name?

If you like your name, theres one thing you should do right now.

You should check to see if the dot-com version of your name is available. For example, my name is Cartess Ross and I own

It’s mine. Nobody can take it.

I’ve also registered all of my children’s name, or some variation of their first and last name, or their first and middle name. I wasn’t so lucky to snatch up my oldest daughter name because someone else has it … But we used her middle name and that worked out fine.

I also own my youngest daughter’s name,

Someone else used to own it, but I tracked and watched to see if it would later become available. It did, and I snatched it.

It’s difficult to know what you or your kids may do in the future. As is it becomes easier and easier for people to start businesses online and throw up websites, you at least want to make sure your names are locked up for yourself and/or your children.

If you haven’t done that yet, I’d encourage you to get it resolved right now. 


There’s only one place I purchase my domain names from and that’s

They are what you call a registrar … By registering with a registrar, you have 100% control over your name. Only you can make changes to your account and no one can hold your domain name hostage.

I strongly advise you don’t buy domain names through hosting companies, nor through web designers.

They’re known to hold your domain names hostage for a variety of reasons. This is the one digital asset you want to have absolute control over.

Stick to buying only the .com versions of your name. I’d stay away from the .org, .net, .mobi and all of the other fancy extensions.

For now, the .com versions are king.

GoDaddy will try to upsell you a bunch of stuff. Don’t buy any of it.

If you later decide to build a website, I’ll give you another list of recommendations on where to host your website, where to get the e-mails customized, so it looks like:

As of this writing, GoDaddy sales domain names for $11.99 per year.

Close to the one-year expiration date, GoDaddy will send you an e-mail asking if you’d like to extend ownership by another year. They give you first dibs on whether you wish to keep the name or pass it on.

If you can afford it, I’d recommend you initially register the domain names for 3-5 years. You get a bigger discount the more years you register.

Another way you can save money is by getting your domain name through my authorized GoDaddy reseller account.

As a reseller, I’m authorized to offer bigger discounts ($9.99 per year).

GoDaddy gave me a reseller platform to direct my fans and visitors to. This reseller page is owned and operated by GoDaddy. The support e-mails and phone numbers on the website ring straight to GoDaddy (see screenshot below):

GoDaddy Reseller Portal

GoDaddy are the ones managing these reseller pages and managing your account.

If I get hit by a truck and die tomorrow, you’re covered because it’s all handled by GoDaddy … You’re just going through my reseller account.

You still get to setup your own username and password to manage your account through GoDaddy’s platform.

Click here to go register what will become your most important digital asset.

The longer you wait, the longer you risk not getting your own name.

Feel free to post your questions/comments below.