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Let Me Help You Identify Your Superhuman Talent

"I have this amazing ability that allows me to quickly see the money in the things other people know and do."

Most people take their skill-sets, their knowledge and their hobbies for granted ... However, I can see past that and see the big money picture in people (just like I did with the face painter).

Most people have no idea they're walking around with millions of dollars worth of intellectual property inside of them. For me, I clearly see it in the things people do everyday.

Each of us have unique skills, talents, or knowledge. Others will gladly pay to learn what each of us know. 

Some years ago when I was trying to get rid of my diabetes the first time around, I heard I could lose weight with smoothies and juices.

I ended up online looking for smoothie recipes. But there were sooo many options and rules and how-to tutorials on how to start. I was overwhelmed from the options.

I finally came across this lady who had a 'course' about smoothies and all the health benefits. I decided to purchase her course because it had a routine.

I didn't have to learn from 500 different people or sources ... This was one lady with her own simple routine and plan. That was all a wanted.

It seemed to work well for her and that was all I wanted ... Someone who had a system that worked. I didn't have the time to sit on YouTube and try to piece-mill this thing together.

That's a simple example of ONE regular lady who came up with her own method for juicing. She wasn't a big corporation or a well known celebrity like Martha Stewart.

Any body can do this. She did it.

I frequent antique auctions regularly ... So I made a course about it!

I sold millions of dollars worth of t-shirts on the Internet ... So I made a course about it.

A few years ago, we purchased an English-Mastiff (dog). We went online looking to see if anyone specifically had a course for teaching this specific breed. We couldn't find one.

We were going to create one as we trained him, but we got too busy. 

But people want to learn very specific things that are related to their exact needs. So a course on training an English Mastiff would likely be in great demand if someone created it.

So what do you know? What unique skills or quirks do you have?

What do you like to talk about? What are some of your favorite hobbies? Your perspective could mean a lot to other people when packaged up and positioned properly.

I'd like to get on a DEEP-DIVE call with you to determine what's inside.

A Deep-DIVE call is an in-depth interview where I spend 1-2 hours on the phone drilling you about your past, present and current life experiences.

At the end of that call, I'll spend the next few days drafting up a 2-4 page brief outlining different ideas and ways it can be packaged up so you can earn from it. 

I'll then break it all down into bite-sized, action steps you can take towards building your very own how-to course.

Once you get this brief, you can take it and start building out your program ... Or, you can come hang out with me for a few days and we can build it out together during a 'DEEP-BUILD' session.

Heck, you might get a vacation out of it. Wherever I'm at in the world, you're more than welcome to come to me and we'll work together to build out your program!

While I was living in Medellin Colombia, I partnered with a young lady to help her build a course that teaches people how to get English teaching jobs in foreign countries. 

She didn't realize she had a course inside of her either.

When she told me how she ended up in Medellin as an English teacher, I told her there are thousands of people who would like to learn how to land a job in the country of their choice, and live there as a local for an entire year, while getting paid for it.

I was right ... The course is selling quite well.

We completely built out the course inside of 2-days, and that included us recording, editing, and getting the graphic work for the course created!

A DEEP-DIVE call with me is just $995 $777. It includes the brief and plan of action for you to follow. As a bonus, I will provide you with a general course syllabus for your course-program that can be edited and tweaked by you to suite your needs.

The brief I provide is your roadmap to building a 6-7 figure 'how-to' course.

Sign-up now and let's get your DEEP-DIVE call on the books!

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