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Course Idea: How to Get Paid Guitar Gigs at Local Restaurants

My neighbor is an amazing guitar player and singer. He invited us down to Sliders restaurant on Amelia Island some months ago to watch him perform.

See the recording below:


We had a great time and met many some wonderful folks out there.

Because my brain never shuts off when it comes to figuring out how to monetize something; as he played, I got the idea that he should teach others how to book these local gigs to perform at local bars, restaurants, and other events.

Based on conversations with him, he gets paid quite well to come out and perform for a few hours and he collects tips from people walking up and dropping money in the ‘bucket’.

I thought this was ripe for a great course.

I approached him to do a partnership deal where I’d build the website, handle all the marketing to get folks to the site to buy the course, and help him put together a curriculum, and package it all up.

While he seemed excited by the idea, I couldn’t get him onboard to do it.

I believe a course like this could easily bring in $50,000 – $100,000 a year in revenue.

*TIP: If you feel you don’t have a course inside of you to teach, take a look at your neighbors, friends and relatives and try to determine what skill-sets they have and try to partner with them to create a course just like I tried to do with this guy. Not everyone will say yes, but many will.

I bring this up because if any of you have any musical talents and you perform at local events or restaurants, this is a course you could put together.

Others would love to learn how to do this.

Even if you didn’t want to put a course together, go grab your instruments and hit up some bars and restaurants to see if you can get in their and make yourself some extra cash.

There’s probably a bunch of y’all with some instruments sitting in the basement or garage collecting dust and you could be earning from it.

The other day, while I was in Greenville, SC, I saw a couple of guys rack up a ton of money playing the violin on the sidewalk (play video below):

Believe me when I say these guys were racking it up… Even I managed to throw a few dollars at them.

We later went to go eat some Indian food and when we came out 90 minutes later, they were still there attracting a big crowd and getting paid.

So not only can you hit up the local pub and bars, but you can apparently do very well on side of the road, or at a beach, or probably in the middle of the street!

It’s my goal to show everyone that there’s a course inside of each of us.

If you’d like to learn the incredible skill of packaging up information and making money from it, check out my course by clicking here!

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Earn While You Sleep, or You’ll Work Till You Die

Earlier, someone posted the following picture on Facebook and it showed up on my timeline. It’s a allegedly a quote from Warren Buffet that says…

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you’ll work till you die.”

Warren Buffet Quote

Well, I certainly don’t want to work till I die. With all the money I’ve earned over the years, I’ve honestly done a poor job managing and investing it.

At 44 years old, I now realize the importance of making these next 10 years count. Over the last couple years, I’ve gotten more disciplined at saving, and I’ve finally dipped into the investing side of things.

But I do realize now that my business will have to be the thing that I need to fund my retirement since I’ve missed out on using the past 20 years to my advantage.

Fortunately, the online businesses I have pay me a lot more than a traditional job would, and gives me much more free time to study, research and play this money game right so I’m not screwing it up over these next 10 vital years.

I’m living far below my means (code word for spending way less than I earn), and I’m looking at selling this darn car that seems to suck a few hundred bucks out of my pocket each month.

I can certainly afford it, but it’s not a wise thing to be doing if I’m trying to get my money blueprint right.

It’s cheaper to outright pay cash for a nice car, than to pay these bastards all of this money in interests, and it doesn’t make sense to be paying on a depreciating asset that goes down each and every month.

My goal this year is to create and put out a few more courses and use 100% of those monies to save, invest and to get into some other stuff that earns me money.

I don’t want payments of any kind whatsoever, and in 2018 i will work towards abolishing any type of payment I have.

I’ve earned a lot, but I’ve certainly spent all of it. And it’s a very tough habit to break.

But I ain’t doing it anymore.

Much of my life, I did the following, and perhaps you recognize some of these bad traits and habits too:

  • I didn’t pay my bills on time (which caused me to have bad credit)
  • I rented most of my adult life (i always had to pay an extra month or two of rent because of my poor credit)
  • I traded in my car every 2-3 years (that’s what I saw others do, so I did it too)
  • I didn’t save money for my future (broke and barely had money, even after making a ton of money I was still broke)
  • I didn’t live on a budget (even if I made $3 million per year, the act of not having a budget would keep me broke)
  • I didn’t set goals (I never seen anyone in my house set goals, so I didn’t know better)
  • I did not invest in stocks (I’m 20 years behind schedule because I didn’t start at 18 or 20)
  • I didn’t have 6-months emergency funds saved (when I had bad months in my biz, this would have saved my butt)
  • I lived from check to check (Even when I earned $500K paydays, I didn’t pay myself first, so I had no cushion)
  • I lived beyond our means (the craziest thing I’ve ever done)
  • I built up lots of credit card debt, etc…

Even though I’ve had a few million come through my hands, it didn’t matter. These bad habits kept me broke. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, your bad habits will find a way to spend every last dime.

That’s why these rich athletes and stars go broke. I never understood it, until it happened too me. The only thing that saved my butt was that I always had money flowing in that supported my bad habits.

At the end of the day … If you can’t manage the little bit you got, you won’t manage the millions you get.

And that’s a fact my friend….

The rules are simple, but most simply won’t do it:

  1. Pay yourself first.
  2. Spend less than you make.
  3. Form healthy money habits (saving, investing)
  4. Avoid debt of any kind.
  5. Learn how money works.
  6. Give back.
  7. Look at money as a longterm game.
  8. Invest in yourself.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve shared tutorials of how I managed to support my family of 7 from my online business efforts.

Blogging has played a big part in how I’ve made a few million on the Internet (and even though I squandered much of it, I certainly know how to make it, and I want to show you how too).

I’ve put together a course online that takes you through the entire process to get started.

Go here to get all of the details: How to Blog for Fun, Profit and Lifestyle Freedom

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How to Become a Blogger and Get Paid to Talk About Your Interests

While living in Medellin Colombia this year, I got a glimpse at how powerful blogging and social media can be when combined together.

For those who don’t know, while living in Medellin, I blogged and shot random videos of the things we were doing while living there.

I gave my perspective of how life was in Medellin … I showed how affordable the cost of living was, and I showed what you could buy with little money.

In time, I started to attract a small following of people, and as I continued to blog and share my experiences, my blog tribe continued to grow.

What blew my mind was the number of people who started moving to Colombia after watching my videos and following my blog.

I started bumping into people in the streets … These were people who did come to visit Colombia, and others were people who literally moved their entire families there.

All as a result of watching my videos and reading my blog.

I was floored…

It was then I started to realize the reach and power of blogging and social media.

Just a few months ago, I was at a conference in Orlando, and when I came back to my hotel room, a large family was coming down the hallway.

The wife kept staring at me and I was like, ‘why is this woman staring at me???’

I started to get shook up a little bit.

And then she asked, “Are you the guy in Medellin? Ummm, ummm, Cartess? Are u Cartess?”

And I said, ‘It is I’.

By this time, her husband and kids were coming down the hall and we all laughed and talked for a couple minutes about Medellin and how they were planning a trip there.

This was yet another family touched by the content I pushed out through blogging and social media (see pic below)

Fans of Escape to Medellin

Now, when I setup that Escape to Medellin blog and youtube channel, no one knew me in that space.

I certainly never considered myself a travel blogger.

But in that short period of time, I apparently became one by default.

I bring all of this up because whatever experiences, knowledge, talent or skills you have, there are millions of people all over the world that will follow you in order to learn and see adventures through your eyes.

I was an unknown. Most of these folks didn’t know me from my other online projects.

To them, I was simply a stranger sharing my experiences.

But as I continued to share, they got to know me through my shared experiences.

I met some wonderful families and made some amazing life-long friends (a phrase I picked up from a wonderful lady named Mavis traveling with her family from Ghana).

But you have what it takes to start blogging and sharing your daily rituals, routines, interests, hobbies, and passions right now.

No matter what it is you do, there’s a group of people who want to hop onboard and join you for the journey.

From that blog of mine, I was able to generate some money. At one point, I sold a monthly newsletter to people who wanted to learn more about Medellin.

I also offered 1-hour telephone consultations for $195 (these were for families who wanted a little more one-on-one information before they came to visit or move to Colombia).

I earned from other simple methods that required no effort from me and it was just amazing.

You can do this too.

Quite honestly, this is probably the cheapest, low-cost way to get started with your own business.

The only thing you need is a blog.

You don’t even need to go out and buy a camera … I used my cell phone for 100% of my videos, and a wired mic I got on Amazon for like $7 bucks.

I threw up a simple website … Which you can do in less than 30 minutes.

I was able to earn from it right away because of my previous experience. I knew the shortcuts to making this all work very quickly in terms of the money.

But realistically, this is something you can be earning from in as little as 90-days, but if you’re confident and just willing to do what is taught, you could earn in as little as 30-days.

I’d say even sooner, but you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that 🙂


There’s a guy who raises freaking chickens in his backyard … He writes and talks about it all day.

Folks from all over the world asks this guy questions about how they can raise chickens too.

He charges for that info.

We’re talking about freaking chickens yo!

Another guy has a passion for all types of peppers… He blogs and talks about these darn peppers all day.

He has a smaller following and yet, he earns from it… And he’s blogging and talking about something he loves.

A lady I met does home schooling for her kids.

She blogs about it and guess what?

She brings in a few extra dollars each month to help support the family.

All from doing stuff she already does.

What do you like to talk about?

What’s your passion?

What is your weird obsession? I know u got one … So share it.

You’d be surprised at how many other weirdos share your obsession too. And they’re waiting on someone to lead. You could be the leader of all the ‘weirdos’, lol.

As for myself, I enjoy talking about business type stuff … I can go on for days!

My friends will dodge my calls from time to time cause they know I’m going to go on for hours about some new venture … I can’t help myself.

Listen … I’m just a regular guy. Unknown to the masses.

However, each day, somebody new comes across my content and signs-up to learn more.

Let me teach you how to do this.

I’m putting together an online virtual workshop.

I will teach you everything u need to know to get started right away.

Save yourself from mishaps and mistakes by getting the proper steps from day one on how to make this work for you.

I do a wonderful job of making this stuff real simple.

What I teach will NOT go over your head.

By the time you get through with my training, you will walk away with a fully functional blog and I promise you will not have spent no more than a hundred bucks (probably less than $50 bucks) on everything you need to start blogging right away.

Like I said, this is likely the least expensive way to get started with something you can call your own and actually earn from it.

I will teach you the loopholes to make this thing work in record time.

Make 2018 great! Own your own piece of the Internet goldmine. It will work for you if you work the plan. It will require effort from you, but the results will amaze you.

I’ve taken care of my family of 7 from this thing called the Internet. It’s intimidating to most, but it’s really simple.

Many folks make excuses about how expensive it is to start a business. You will not find anything cheaper to get into, plus, you get to talk about stuff YOU love.

If you work this for one year straight, you will be blown away at what will happen.

I have a blog that has brought me in over $2 million in revenue.

I will show you the breakdown of how that worked out in this training.

It’s very easy for you to replicate.

If you were looking for a breakthrough for the new year, this is it.

I love teaching this stuff.

Because I’m in the giving mood, I was gonna charge $495 for this training.

But if you’re signed up within the next 72 hours, you can get in for a one-time investment of just $177 bucks.

This training will open up on Wednesday. If you’re not available Wednesday, that’s fine.

It’s all recorded and you can watch and learn at a time that is convenient for you.

As a bonus, I decided to open up a questions/answers section within the members-only area where you can post and ask questions as u go through this training.

Someone from my team, and I will answer your questions.

No previous tech experience required. I promise to make this super simple.

There’s no fancy sales page. I’ve included a link directly to the order form.

It’s a one-time investment of $177 bucks: Click here to register now!

If you got to think about this, then you’re not ready. Continue doing what you’ve been doing, but don’t expect anything different to happen.

At this price point, it makes no sense not to join.

You’ll blow this on a night out drinking, eating pizzas, going to the movies, or simply hanging out with friends.

At least if you implement this, you’ll have something you can call your own … And you’ll have an asset that actually pays your bill to go out drinking, eating and partying.

Get in right now. You got 72-hours: Click here to register now!

I’d urge you not to procrastinate and miss out on this wonderful deal.

Once the first round of students go through this program, you will not get it for $177 again.

You will receive member login details by Tuesday and access on Wednesday.

Click here to register now!

As an incentive to get to the fast action takers, the first 30 people will get my ebook, ‘How to Write Your First eBook in 3-Days and Sell it Over and Over Again for Years to Come!’

This simple formula is what I used to build a blog that brought in $2 million.

Register right now … Don’t delay

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