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How to Make Crazy Money Blogging About Stuff You Like!

I’ve never really considered myself much of a blogger because I really enjoyed writing and teaching what I knew on my blog … But as my income started to increase, I realized much of the increase was because of my ‘blogging’.

Now I’m just a regular guy … Not extraordinarily smart by any means.

In fact, you don’t have to be a genius to become a successful blogger. And you don’t have to be a top-notch writer either.

In this post, I will attempt to teach you how to make money from blogging and writing about topics that are of interest to you.

So … Let’s get started!

There’s a science to making all of this stuff work together. Nothing is random and everything is calculated.

There’s a simple formula you must follow if you wish to make money from blogging.

One of my very first blogs centered around a passion I obsessed with as a child.

Magic Tricks.

With my blog, I decided to write up all types of tutorials and make videos of my favorite magic tricks.

Before I knew it, I started building up a huge subscriber base of fans … Most were young teens of course, wanting to learn magic so they can get the girl, but even with a huge subscriber base of children, I managed to earn a significant amount of income from that blog.

Over the years, I managed to build up to a subscriber base of 1 million magic school ‘students’ … practically unheard of 10 years ago for a rookie like me. But I had a few ‘magical cards’ up my sleeve that allowed me to rapidly grow my subscriber base.

Let me preface this by saying the following …

While blogging played a major role in my success, it takes a ton of work. None of this stuff is easy and none of it happens overnight!

To be clear, I’ve personally invested thousands of dollars in courses and workshops so I could learn how to be a better marketer/blogger.

This is not all about just writing and hoping for the best. As I’ve mentioned earlier, there’s a science to making all of this stuff work.

Which leads to my next point…

You gotta know what ‘your peeps’ want

There aren’t any Earth-shattering secrets here. In fact, much of this stuff is simple and most people would say, ‘I already know that’.

The difference here is ‘doing‘ is more important and productive than just ‘knowing‘.

In order to monetize your blog, you gotta know what your audience wants. The top bloggers tend to know their audience very well.

On my magic tricks website, I knew my audience wanted to learn how to do magic.

So I made video tutorials showing them how to do basic magic tricks that would astound their family and friends.

These tutorials were very effective at helping me rapidly grow my subscribers … Essentially, I’d perform a magic trick on video, and at the end of that video, I’d say something like …

“If you wanna learn how to do this magic trick, leave your first name and e-mail address in the form below, and I’ll immediately send you my private video tutorial, teaching you step-by-step how to do this magic trick”.

Here’s an example of one such video:

*Please note: This video is over 10 years old and worked extremely well to help build an e-mail list of fans and subscribers. Don’t laugh … As you can see, there was nothing professional about this. I shot this in my basement with poor lighting. YOU can do this today and win BIG. Don’t overthink it.

After seeing that video, everybody wanted the free lesson to learn how to perform it.

Once they’ve filled out the form and hit the ‘submit’ button, the automated e-mail software I use instantly sends them an e-mail with my video tutorial.

Which leads to one of the secrets to making all of this stuff work together…

The SECRET to Making Money Online is Lead Generation

I mentioned earlier there were no secrets … I lied.

There is one. And what you read above was the secret. We call it ‘lead generation’.

The idea is that probably 99% of the people who visit your blog or website for the first time will NOT buy anything and they will NOT come back to your website after they leave.

So … In order to earn make money from your blogging efforts, you need to collect leads. Leads are people who have an interest in what you’re talking about or selling.

In order to get the lead to give up their name and e-mail address, we must offer them some type of bribe … Something we know they really want.

In my case, my blog visitors wanted to learn how to do magic.

So I pulled out a few of my favorite magic tricks, posted it on my blog and told them that I’d show them how to do the trick if they gave me their first name and e-mail address.

Once I got that information from them, I’m now able to send them e-mails all about magic (that’s what they’re interested in). The more e-mails and video tutorials I sent them via e-mail, the more they started to like me and trust me.

As they continued to learn from me, they started to see me as the expert.

As more and more people came to my blog and got on my e-mail list, my database of leads grew, which consisted ONLY of people who were interested in learning magic.

Because of this, I’m now able to offer and suggest advanced tutorials they can purchase.

This is just ONE of the many ways you can start to monetize your blog.

In my case, I partnered with a magic tricks and DVD supplier who sold me DVD lessons and magic tricks and props at ‘below wholesale’ prices.

A few times a month, I would e-mail my database of ‘magic fanatics’ some of the advanced magic tutorials I created, along with some of the props and tricks from the magic suppliers/vendors I dealt with.

Many people purchased and I made money.

I even set up a Magic Trick of the Month Club where we automatically sent a new trick and DVD to members who signed up. We charged $25 bucks per month.

The credit cards were automatically charged and the dvd and props were sent out each month to each member.

On average, each member stayed on for a few months before dropping off. We made a nice profit from these efforts.

None of this would have been possible if we did not collect names and e-mail addresses. This is the #1 cardinal rule in making money online — especially blogging.

You gotta build a list filled with prospects interested in what you have to sell or teach.

All of my websites focus on lead generation, this one included … It’s the most important aspect of online marketing and making money online.

So… Let me give you a quick overview of what must happen:

  • Create a lead magnet. Also known as an irresistible offer (or bribe) they cannot refuse. It has to be something they’d deem important, useful and appealing. Lead magnets can come in the form of an ebook, video tutorial, cheatsheet or some other type of exclusive content. It has to be FREE.
  • Get their e-mail address. In order for them to get the lead magnet, they must give up their e-mail address. That’s why the offer has to be irresistible. Come up with the right offer and they won’t hesitate to give it up.
  • Follow up, educate, and build a relationship. In order for this to work, it must be about creating value and providing the prospect with quality and valuable information. You’re goal here is to establish yourself as an authority, and the best way to do that is by educating or teaching them. This is NOT about getting their e-mail address so you can slam them with sales pitches all day. This will NOT work. This entire process can be automated with an e-mail drip campaign.  In the magic tricks example, when someone entered in their e-mail address for the free magic trick tutorial, they would automatically receive 20-30 other e-mails from me over 45-60 days teaching and sharing magic tricks with them. I setup those e-mail campaigns one time and as each person signs-up, they get dropped into the e-mail sequence. It looks as if I’m personally writing an e-mail to each person, each day.

The folks who give up their contact details for your lead magnet are now inside of your marketing funnel … It’s your job to build the relationship.

This model will work for any type of business, but works extremely well for digital marketers and bloggers.

It works best if you have your own courses, products or how-to tutorials to sell them.

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