Working for "The Man" Suck!

"Feel like you're trapped, stressed the f*ck out, not appreciated, underpaid, and just sick and dam tired of not having the freedom, nor the quality of life you've hoped for?"

It's not too late for you! With lay-offs at an all time high, and employers downsizing everywhere, you need a back-up plan. Relying solely on 'The Man' for your job is irresponsible, and could be financially and emotionally catastrophic for your family if you're fired, laid-off, or injured and can't work.

Fire your boss so you can take back your life, your dreams, your freedoms, and your sanity! Uncover the online business model that allows 'regular folk' to earn a living, while living their life to the fullest

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"Teach Others How to Build a Business That Funds Their Lifestyle"

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Meet Your Coach...

Cartess Ross

Cartess Ross

Found his calling as an entrepreneur while in the U.S. Air Force. After getting out, he taught himself direct response web design and copywriting, and tapped into a niche where he's sold millions worth of t-shirts to churches and Christian bookstores using the Internet and direct mail.

He did it again, launching an online dental lab, which grossly affected revenues of dentists in his state, to the point laws were changed, making it a felony to sell his products without a dentistry license.

The last 10 years, he's published and sold millions in e-books and online courses. He's consulted others, helping them launch 'how-to' courses. He's been featured in Start Your Own Business, Small Business Opportunities, and Home Business magazines. Cartess is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people fire their bosses.